The FORBERT family comes from Płock. This unique name makes it possible to connect all of the people with this name (originating in Poland) in one big family. Which is what cousins scattered around the world are trying to do.

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Leon FORBERT born in 1880 in Płock, son of Lejzer Jozef FORBERT and Rozalia nee ZAUBERMAN, photographer, film producer, director and set designer. He traveled a lot all over Europe, Americas and Australia. In Warsaw he opened a photography studio at Nowy Świat 39. He also set up a film company „Meteor,” which later changed its name and supposedly it has never been successful. 

He was particularly popular for photographing Warsaw theater actors. Many of his photos have been preserved. In his work one can observe passion for creating, finding new techniques, trying new things. He enthused both of his sons with his passion for photography and film.

According to Sandra (Leon’s granddaughter): We do not know the exact date of Leon’s birth, but most likely he died in 1938. Yet, we do not have any information about his burial because family gossips say that he died on a train on the route Warszawa — Mińsk Mazowiecki.

Leon Forbert in years 1909–1920 owned an atelier by Nowy Świat 39. Since 1926 all address directories as „Foto Forbert” owner show M. Hirszbajn.

Vignette of the Leo Forbert atelier. 

Later photo atelier of Leon FORBERT was located at Wierzbowa 11 St. 

From Adolf’s diary:

The photo atelier was located at Wierzbowa 11 St, which is the Theater Sq. in Warsaw, in the courtyard, in place adapted from old stables. There were three spacious rooms on the ground floor: right by the entrance there was an office space, then dressing room for guests and finally the photo studio. Small steps led to the first floor, where there used to be feed depot, now the lab was located, the finishing studio and the place for retouching negatives.”

Source/Źródło: Fundacja „”

One of better known photographs taken in the Leo Forbert’s atelier.

Jewish actors and workers on a film in Poland in 1928. In the photo: 
Adolf Rudnicki (front row, second from the right), 
Ida Kamińska (front row, third from the right), 
Lilka Kahan (front row, third from the left), 
Diana Blumenfeld (front row, second from the left), 
A. Wlasach (front row, on the left), 
Mrs. Bojm (middle row, on the right), 
Jelen (middle row, on the left), a young man from Lodz,
and Jonas Turkow (top row, on the left). 
Also in the top row: A. Maniewicz, the actor Julius Afkor, Dr. David Lazar, and Leo Forbert. 
Photographed in Wieliszew, some 25 km north of Warsaw. 
From the collection of Jonas Turkow.

The film crew of „Kropka nad i” directed by Juliusz Gardan in 1928. 
On the photo:
Dodo Bianka (girl), the actress. 
Hirszbein Maria (standing in the middle), producer. 
Matuszelański Felix (fourth from right), technical assistance. 
Steinwurzel Seweryn (behind the camera, fourth from right), the operator. 
Stefan Schwartz (standing right), actor. 
Forbert Leon (seated right), production designer. 
Juliusz Gardan (left), director.

Władysław Walter and Zygmunt Regro-Regirer in one of the scenes of the film „Zamiatacz ulic”, 1939.

Forbert Adolf (first from right) on the set of „Bicz Boży” (1967).
Adolf Forbert was born on the 21st of October, 1911 in Warsaw. In years 1929–1931 he worked in Australia as an assistant of the cameraman of the film chronicle. In 1931 in Warsaw he started his own film laboratory „Sektor.” 

Co-founder of the National Film School in Łódź. He is an author of photos to the Polish most popular post-war film „Zakazane piosenki” (Forbidden Songs) directed by Leonard Buczkowski.

Władysław Forbert, younger son of Leon (standing to the right). He was born on the 26th of May, 1915 in Warsaw. Photographer and cinematographer.

On the set of „Wolne miasto” (Free city) (1958), from the left: Stanisław Różewicz, Władysław Forbert, Jan Józef Szczepański.

Hersz Wasser photographed by Władysław Forbert. 
One of the metal boxes containing the first part of the Ringelblum Archive. The original of this image could be seen at our Institute at the exhibition „Hidden in milk jugs”.

Source/Źródło: Polska Agencja Prasowa

Nasz Przegląd, 23.07.1938

Blessed Memory LEO FORBERT artist photographer. Died on the 21st of July, 1938 at age 58. The exportation of his so dear to us remains will take place TOMORROW, on SUNDAY, the 24th day of this month in the funeral home at Okopowa St. of which celebration are informing you despairing: Sons, Sister, Brother-in-Law with Family. 

The Board of Directors of the United Photographers of Warsaw would like to inform and call all members to participate in the funeral, which will take place on SUNDAY, the 24th day of this month at 1 pm in the funeral home at Okopowa St. 

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