New Jerusalem near Warsaw — a chronicle of events

13.01.2015, 11:00 am.

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One of Warsaw’s principal streets, running through the city from East to West, bears the name Jerusalem Avenue (Aleje Jerozolimskie). Very few people are now familiar with the circumstances surrounding the creation of the Jewish settlement in the 1770’s outside the gates of Warsaw — a city which very diligently upheld its right de non tolerandis Iudaeis. Even fewer people are aware of the legal forgery committed in the spring of 1775 by the Marshal of the Partition Sejm, member of the Permanent Council and Grand Treasurer of the Crown Adam Poniński, the involvement of King Stanisław August in the defense of the Jewish cause or the intervention of the Russian and Austrian courts which took place after the Marshal’s Guard entered New Jerusalem. All these unusual circumstances and events are worth remembering and deserve a proper historical analysis.

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