Last Sunday we opened The Tłomackie Bookstore

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The event included book signings by: Beata Chomątowska, Paweł Śpiewak, Anka Grupińska and Mikołaj Grynberg. Guests who visited the bookstore this Sunday had the opportunity not only to meet these authors but also to be the first to see and purchase little surprises created on the basis of the Institute’s historical resources: a beautiful deck of cards, with characters from the Scrolls of Esther, perfect for playing “Black Peter” (Old Maid) or, as we call it, “Black Haman”, Judaica bookmarks or a CD with Yiddish lullabies “Beryozkele”, containing a one-of-a-kind songbook in three languages. 


The interior was designed by architects Kacper and Jan Gronkiewicz and one needs a good deal of varsavianistic sensibility, as well as the knowledge of the pre-war area around the Central Judaic Library, to be able to notice all its hidden intricacies. But that this does not mean that our library is only meant for those in the know! You can freely browse through a wide variety of books focused on the topics of Jewish history, culture and religion. Choose something for yourself or simply look through a couple interesting books in the corner we call the “Reading Nook”. Maybe you would rather sit down on the mezzanine level to have discussion with your friend or talk to some of the Institute’s employees? 

The bookstore was built by the “Pracownia Tryktrak “collective and its logo was designed by Łukasz Izert from the Zespół Wespół group.

We invite you to visit Tłomackie Bookstore where, starting January 2015, you will be also able to have a cup of coffee or tea and a slice of cake — everything you need to make reading even more enjoyable!

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