Approaches to authenticity: the virtual vs. the material vs. the recreated — AEJM conference

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The Annual Conference of the Association of European Jewish Museums took place in Warsaw from the 15th to 18th November 2014. AEJM has many member museums from 22 countries. The hosts of this year’s conference, which was attended by around 120 delegates, were the Jewish Historical Institute and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. 

AEJM considers education to be one of the key aspects of museology work. The aim of the Association is the promotion of cooperation between Jewish museums and the creation of a shared communication platform for Jewish cultural institutions. AEJM regularly organizes workshops for educators and curators. 

This year’s conference titled Approaches to Authenticity: the Virtual vs. the Material vs. the Recreated was a summation of the last twelve months of AEJM’s work. 

The delegates took part in workshops prepared especially for them.

The JHI hosted two workshops on the creation and nature of an art collection and on the permanent exhibition relating to the creators and content of the Ringelblum Archive. 

Teresa Śmiechowska and Jakub Bendkowski led the Lost and found in the collection. Rediscovered art in the Jewish Historical Institute’s collection workshop and AleksandraBańkowska, dr Karolina Szymaniak and dr Eleonora Bergman led the Ringelblum Archive: a permanent exhibition workshop. 

We received many kind thanks from the participants after the conference. The chosen subjects, our commitment and the organization of the workshops garnered particular praise. 

More information available here.

Photographs courtesy of Magda Starowieyska. 

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