Meeting about the book „The one who was saving Jews. About Irena Sendler”

4 XII 2014, 6 pm.

Wide zbiorowe zdj cie rodzic w ireny i krewnych

The discussion will be with the participation of, among others, the author of the publication Halina Grubowska, and Helise Lieberman, director of the Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland. The meeting will be chaired by Ryszard Burek, publishing director of the Jewish Historical Institute. Halina Grubowska’s book shows life and work of Irena Sendler. The author based her story on archival materials; she also used her own observations she made during her long-standing friendship with Irena Sendler. What distinguishes this book is simple but matter-of-fact way in which she shows Sendler’s heroism during the Holocaust. In this story, facts matter the most and they fill the narration. It is an account far from what we could call pathos or legend.

The foreword was written by Prof. Michał Głowiński, one of the then children saved by Irena Sendler. During the meeting, it will be possible to buy the book at a special price.

The meeting is co-organized with the Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland.

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