Concert: BERYOZKELE — yiddish lullabies and evening songs

17 XII 2014, 7:30 pm.

Wide plakat koncert trzaska ronski

CONCERT: Beryozkele — Yiddish lullabies and evening songs — Ola Bilińska. Guest appearances: Raphael Rogiński and Mikołaj Trzaska, who wrote about Beryozkele:

"One evening in August, it would seem, totally by chance, I found myself at Ola’s rehearsal. She was preparing for recording of Beryozkele. I sat down for a little while and despite constant reminders of the security that I should leave, I couldn’t move. I was hypnotized by brightness and freshness. I hadn’t heard it before. That today, someone could sing in Jewish in such a bright and unpretentious way. I did not delay and after a little blackmailing of mine, Ola Bilińska allowed me to play a few notes on her record. Hurray!”

The roots of music of every nation lie at folk songs. Ola Bielińska used Jewish songs, which last being orally handed down from generation to generation. For centuries, the first person „telling the world” to the newly-born child was mother. She sang lullabies hugging it to sleep. They became embedded in the soul, accompanying the child through life, evoking emotions and nostalgia. The criterion for choosing the pieces of music for the project was the beauty of the text itself, its atmosphere and subject matter connected with night, quiet, sleep or, in the case of evening songs, with longing and erotism. Bilińska has created a kind of musical guide of subconsciousness, memories and childhood. Using minimalist musical means, acoustic and electric instruments, she gave these unique compositions a modern form. Famous avant-garde musicians were invited to participate in the project: Raphael Rogiński and Mikołaj Trzaska, whereas the JHI supported the artists in terms of the contents — our Yiddishist Dr Karolina Szymaniak worked on the translations and transcriptions of the texts and Professor Marian Fuks, an eminent historian of Jewish music, provided the album with his commentary.

Additional information: tel.(22) 827 92 21 during working hours of the JHI.

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