Ideals, changes and forgetfulness of the present time

27th November, 2014, 6pm, The House of Literature, Warsaw, 87/89 Krakowskie Przedmieście (the corner of Plac Zamkowy). Free admission.

Wide pspiewak1

The Polish Writers’ Association wishes to invite you to a meeting from the seriesTalks at Krakowskie Przedmieście, whose guest will be Professor Paweł Śpiewak, a writer, sociologist, historian of ideas, director of the Jewish Historical Institute, author of the books:

W stronę wspólnego dobra (1998) (To the Common Good), Obietnice demokracji (2004)(Promises of Democracy), Midrasze: księga nad księgami (2004)(Book of Books. The Midrash), Pamięć po komunizmie (2005) (Memory after Communism), Pięć ksiąg Tory. Komentarze (2012) (The Five Books of Torah. Commentaries), Żydokomuna (2012). The meeting titled „Ideals, Changes and Forgetfulness of the Present Time”, announced as „theater of conversation in the radical singular” will be chaired by Sergiusz Sterna-Wachowiak and the fragments of the guest’s works will be read by Andrzej Ferenc.

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