Ciechanowski, Markus, Wierzba from Wizna and Nowogród

The Ciechanowski family — the photo was sent to Malka Judes MARKUS from either Łomża or Nowogród. It shows her parents, Jochwet and Dawid Gersz (a barrel maker), and sisters: Chana (who came to America), Sura (who moved to Argentina) and Doba, who never left. The photo was made before Dawid died in 1926.

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Zdjęcie zostało zrobione przed w 1926 (rok śmierci Dawida).

Photo of Dawid Ciechanowski’s gravestone, after he died in 1926, with his wife Jochwet and two of his daughters. Cemetery in Nowogród.

Kopel MARKUS born in 1869 and his wife Raszka nee WIERZBA with daughter Jetty, who later joined her brother Beniamin in US (he left 1906) and Abram Lejb, born in 1890 in Wizna with his wife and son (they didn’t come to US). Kopel and Raszka left to join their son and daughter in 1923. Abram Lejb may have been living later in England or Scotland.

Kopel MARKUS (son of Moszek born 1869 in Wizna) and Raszka MARKUS nee WIERZBA (born 1873 in Trzcianne). Photo might be taken in Poland, in either Lomza or Wizna, but it could also have been after they arrived in New York, in 1923.

Benjamin MARKUS born in 1888 in Wizna, son of Kopel and Raszka nee WIERZBA with wife Malka Judes nee CIECHANOWSKA, born in Makow and their six sons, in New York in the early 1920s. Benjamin left Poland in 1906, Malka came a little later in December 1906.

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