Opening of the exhibition „Salvaged. Collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures from the collections of the Jewih Historical Institute”

The exhibition „SALVAGED. Collection of the JHI” will depict the phenomenon of Polish-Jewish culture and art of the late 19th through the mid 20th centuries. It will include works by artists of excellent skills, studying in art schools and academies of fine art in Europe, who died in the ghettos of Warsaw, Lviv, Kraków, Białystok and Łódź, in German extermination camps in Treblinka, Auschwitz, Bełżec.

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Collected in entire Poland since 1944, salvaged from destruction, the works are very important documents and testament to the history of Polish Jews. They are the core of the collection of paintings, graphics and sculptures of the collection of the JHI’s Museum. Thanks to the fact that the collection is constantly expanding, the Institute has gathered works by the most important artists of Jewish descend; often they are the only trace, the only souvenir that they left. On the exhibition we will show works by nearly fifty artists which depict richness of Jewish-Polish artistic life of pre-war Warsaw and many other cities of the Second Republic of Poland. It will also include drawings and watercolour paintings made in the Warsaw and Łódź ghettos during German occupation.

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