Meeting dedicated to a writer, translator Janina Katz on the first anniversary of her death

23 X 2013, 18:00.

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Janina Katz

Janina Katz was born in 1939 in Kraków to a Jewish family. After the war she did Polish studies and sociology at the Jagiellonian University. After 1969, she emigrated to Denmark, where she collaborated among others with „Kultura”, Radio Wolna Europa, BBC. He became a writer very late, as she used to say herself after years „I was a big girl already, I was 52. It caught me suddenly, on a bus, in Copenhagen (...) it was Friday; on Saturday I already had a whole volume ready. Janina Katz is known not only in terms of her writings, inter alia, she wrote five novels, eleven volumes of poetry, but also in terms of her translations. She translated into Danish the greatest Polish poets: Miłosz, Szymborska, Różewicz, Herbert and also prose by Konwicki and Mrożek. She was a recipient of many prestigious Danish literary awards, including Danish Academy of Literature for life achievements and the Danish Writers Association. 

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