„The Fight and the Holocaust of the Białystok Ghetto” by Szymon Datner

Introducing the first volume of the series „Critical Issue of the Central Jewish Historical Commission”.

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The book by Szymon Datner „The Fight and the Holocaust of the Białystok Ghetto” was published in 1946 by Voivodeship Historical Committee (Wojewódzka Komisja Historyczna) in Białystok. It was the first publication of this division of the Committee, for many years also one of few books — not only in Poland — about the Białystok Ghetto.

Ewa Koźmińska-Frejlak, dr Ewa Rogalewska and Katrin Stoll, on the basis of the first volume, which has been recently published by the JHI as part of the reedition, will talk about the unprecedented phenomenon of the CJHC, which in the years 1945–1947 published over 40 volumes on the Holocaust, and its historiographic approach, and methodology.

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