Open-air projection of a film „Border Street”

„It is a film about ordinary people against the background of great historical events”.

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„Jewish Quarter in Warsaw ceased to exist!” said General Jürgen Stroop in a report on the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, 16th May, 1943. The climax of the operation was the blowing up of the Great Synagogue. This year’s 71st anniversary of the suppression of the Ghetto Uprising will be commemorated with a projection of a film „Border Street”. The screening will begin after sunset. 

„It is a film about ordinary people against the background of great historical events,” used to talk about his work Aleksander Ford, the director of the first depiction of the Holocaust in Polish cinema. The makers of the film included survivors of the Holocaust, among them Rachela Auerbach, a writer and historian, co-creator of the Ringelblum Archive, one of the biggest documentary heritage of the world.

Produced in 1948 and awarded Gold Medal at the Venice Film Festival, the film talks about the fate of a group of children from Warsaw during World War II. Through their behaviour, games, and conflicts the director wanted to reflect the world of adults. He showed different attitudes of the Poles towards the Holocaust: from open support for the Germans, through indifference to endangering own life in order to aid the inhabitants of the Warsaw ghetto.

Ford’s work, filmed just after the tragic experiences of the Jewish community, still arouses interest and is acclaimed among audiences around the world. „It is a very Hollywood-style film, but in a good way,” says well-known film critic Tadeusz Sobolewski.

Also, the place of the projection will be significant: in the open air, in Bohaterów Getta Street: former Jewish Nalewki Street, which used to be vibrant with life and where during the war the border of the Jewish and Aryan parts of the city was.

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Open-air projection of a film „Border Street” is organized with the support of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Projection of the film „Border Street” is organized with the support of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

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