International academic conference. Emanuel Ringelblum. Life and legacy.

Wide 7. ringelblumowie z dzieckiem


International academic conference. Emanuel Ringelblum. Life and legacy.

Thursday, 15th May, 2014


Panel discussion: Emanuel Ringelblum. Remembered and forgotten

With the participation of Prof. Paweł Śpiewak, dr Eleonora Bergman, Prof. Jan Grabowski, dr Karolina Szymaniak, dr Agnieszka Żółkiewska

Opening of the conference: Prof. Paweł Śpiewak, the Director of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute

Part One: The prewar period


Discussion moderator: dr Agnieszka Żółkiewska (JHI, Polish Association for Yiddish Studies (PTSJ))

Łukasz Połomski (Pedagogical University of Cracow), lineage of historians in Nowy Sącz

Ringelblum – Eisenbach – Mahler

dr Natalia Aleksiun (Touro College, IH PAN), The circle of young Jewish historians in the Second Republic of Poland.

Marek Tuszewicki (UJ, PTSJ), Social and medical problems in texts of Emanuel Ringelblum — not only historical perspective





Part Two: Ringelblum — documents

12:30am — 1:30pm

Discussion moderator: Prof Jan Grabowski (University of Ottawa)

dr Joanna Nalewajko-Kulikov (IH PAN, PTSJ), Fragments of Emanuel Ringelblum’s „Notes” from the collections of YIVO

Martyna Rusiniak-Karwat (ISP PAN), Emanuel Ringelblum’s „Notes” through the angle of criticism of Bundistn 

dr Eleonora Bergman (JHI, PTSJ), In the margin of Emanuel and Judyta Ringelblum’s letters, November 1943 — March 1944



Lunch break

Part Three: Oneg Shabbat — views, biographies, interpretations


Discussion moderator: Prof Andrzej Żbikowski (JHI)

Marta Janczewska (JHI), Oneg Shabbat and the Warsaw Jewish Council

Aleksandra Bańkowska (JHI), Unknown and less known co-workers of Emanuel Ringelblum, namely what results from deciphering the cashbook of Oneg Shabbat

dr Katarzyna Person (JHI), Hersz Wasser – continuator of the work of Emanuel Ringelblum

dr Karolina Szymaniak (JHI, PTSJ), A trash can: formation of (post)holocaust poetics of Rachela Auerbach



5pm – 5:10pm


Part four: Continuance


Discussion moderator: dr Helena Datner (JHI)

Artur Franczak (Director of Pedagogical Voivodeship Library in Nowy Sącz), E. Ringelbluma’s traces in Nowy Sącz. Students of High School no. 1 and their knowledge of the founder of the Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Ewa Koźmińska-Frejlak (JHI), Central Jewish Historical Committee as the continuer of research of Oneg Shabbat?

dr Agata Kondrat (PTSJ), „Werter un wertlech fun der churbn-tkufe” of Nachman Blumental – from the linguistic point of view


Discussion and speech closing the conference


Open-air screening of a film „Ulica Graniczna” on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the blowing-up of the Great Synagogue in Tłomackie.

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