Discussion about a book by dr Bożena Keff titled ”Anti-semitism: An Unfinished History”

Scientific seminar.

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„Anti-semitims is not like any other view or viewpoint. It is not a view at all. It has no value, be it cognitive, intellectual or moral. It is a prejudice. It was formed in the early Middle Ages on a religious basis and it became established in the Middle Ages. Along with the course of history it has changed its symptoms but not its nature,” writes Bożena Keff in the introduction to her book.

Anti-semitism: An Unfinished Historyis a work in which the author makes an attempt to capture the phenomenon of anti-semitism in its various historical and national variants. Bożena Keff describes the culture which has determined how the Jews are socially perceived, thought about and what kind of emotions they evoke. Bożena Keff discusses complex issues in an accessible way, at the same time advancing robust theses.

Helena Datner will talk to Bożena Keff.

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