Meetings with art — Menachem Kipnis

Menachem Kipnis (1878 – 1942) gained fame mainly as a singer...

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Menachem Kipnis (1878 – 1942) gained fame mainly as a singer: at first he was a cantor, then a first tenor in the choir of the Warsaw Opera. At the beginning of the 20th century, he also began his journalistic career — he wrote theatre reviews, sketches and humorous sketches first for Hebrew newspapers, and then for Yiddish ones: „Hamelic”, „Der Sztral”, „Hajnt” and others. He collected folk songs and tales, which was easier for him as he performed in concerts around Poland. The fruits of these travels and his work as a journalist are four volumes of songs and one of stories from Chełmo. 

In newspaper „Hajnt” he created, among others, „Portraits” series, where in a few sentences he would describe profiles of interesting people. Perhaps, it was this skill and predilection for collecting, among others, cameras, which make him rocognized today above all as a photographer. Kipnis worked tirelessly still in the Warsaw ghetto, just before his death, but the works from the last years of his life did not survive. 

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