Phenomenon of landsmanshaftn from Płock in the General Government — notes in the margin of the editing of the collection of letters from Płock from the Ringelblum Archive

Scientific seminar.

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At the end of February and the beginning of March, 1941 the Germans expelled all Jews living in Płock. They were forced to settle in different towns of Radom District of the General Government. In the new places they formed mutual aid committees (landsmanshaftn). Similar initiatives were also undertaken by displaced Jews from other towns from the territories occupied by the Germans. What distinguished the landsmanshaftn from Płock was the foundation of the centralized Płock Landsmanshaftn Committee [Komitet Ziomkostwa Płockiego] in Warsaw, which acted as a middleman in providing social aid for displaced people and in coordinating the activity of local committees. Thanks to the letters sent to the Committee in Warsaw and preserved as part of the Ringelblum Archive we can have a closer look at how the social aid system of the Jews from Płock functioned. 

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