70th death anniversary of Emanuel Ringelblum

In an underground bunker, „Krysia”, in Grójecka Street, for about a dozen months the Wolski family hid 40 Jews.

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In an underground bunker, „Krysia”, in Grójecka Street, for about a dozen months the Wolski family hid 40 Jews, including eminent historian Emanuel Ringelblum with his wife and son. On 7th March, 1944 as a result of a Polish denunciation, the bunker was discovered by the Germans and its residents, including those who hid them, were arrested and executed among the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto. On the 70th anniversary of these tragic events, we wish to honour the memory of Emanuel Ringelblum, the other residents of „Krysia” and the Poles who hid them. The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute and Board of Ochota district of the Capital City of Warsaw would like to invite you to the ceremony of laying candles and flowers at the memorial plaque at 77 Grójecka Street.

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