Emanuel Ringelblum – without retouch

Meeting and discussion.

Wide ringelblum 11 fotka

„Thoroughness was the main principle of our activity. Objectivity was the second principle which motivated us. We did our best to tell the whole truth, as bitter as it was. Our photographs are faithful, without any retouch,” wrote about the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto its creator, Emanuel Ringelblum. How many imponderables do the biography and legacy of this charismatic, unreservedly-devoted-to-work man hide? What kind of controversies and disputes can his life choices cause? On the 70th death anniversary of the man who the Jewish Historical Institute was named after we wish to invite you to a debate with participation of dr Eleonora Bergman (JHI), Prof Tadeusz Epsztein (IH PAN) and Prof Dariusz Libionka (Polish Centre for Holocaust Research IFiS PAN).

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