Consciously or unconsciously — do I talk with hatred? When does an opinion turn into hate speech in daily life, politics, art?

Meeting and discussion.

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Dr Monika Małkowska — art historian, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts, dr Tomasz Ferenc — sociologist, Prof Kamil Kuskowski — artist, dean of Faculty of Painting and New Media of The Szczecin Academy of Art, dr Grzegorz Krzywiec — co-curator of the exhibition „Alien and unpleasant” will participate in a discussion about hate speech. What kind of behavior leads to us thoughtlessly repeating, hidden in language, visual mediums or stereotypes, judgements that hurt and exclude others? How consciously, as a society, do we use hate speech? Where is the line between our opinions and expressions of hatred?

More information about the „Protesting against Hate Speech” Contest

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