Events commemorating the the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Białystok

Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Centre for the Arts in Białystok has prepared two special events.

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As part of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day which aims to commemorate the memory of victims of Jewish descent murdered during the Second World War, Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Centre for the Arts in Białystok (OiFP-ECS)has prepared two special events.

On the occasion of the upcoming holiday (which falls on 27th January), the institution would like to invite you to participate in an extraordinary oratorian concert, and also to attend a meeting with dr Ewa Rogalewska who will talk about the second edition of a book „The Białystok Ghetto. Experience of the Holocaust — testimonies of literature and life” (Branch of the Institute of National Remembrance in Białystok).

According to the author, the book, thanks to the multifaceted analysis of the sources — is a peculiar monograph of the Białystok Ghetto, with particular focus on individual Experience of the Holocaust — „It depicts its various forms and shades on the basis of selected examples of literature of personal documents (Izaak Celnikier, Halina Grubowska, Gustaw Kerszman, Bronka Klibańska-Winicka, Katarzyna Meloch, Felicja Nowak, Sara Nomberg-Przytyk, Samuel Pisar, Mordechaj Tenenbaum-Tamaroff). It describes a variety of experiences stored in memory, passed down to generations, a series of particular individual experiences and a dialogue between them.”

Dr Ewa Rogalewska asks questions regarding axiologically-marked plane of mutual relations and their emotional scale and presents them in accordance with, already classic today, Raul Hilberg’s triad: Victims-Perpetrators-Bystanders. The second edition of the book was supplemented by the author with, inter alia, reproductions of graphics of Jewish painter Izaak Celnikier, who survived the Białystok Ghetto, and archival photographs.

The meeting will be chaired by Prof Paweł Śpiewak, Director of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. It will take place at 5:30pm in Small Room in OiFP-ECS.

In the series of events taking place on that day in our institution, included was also a press conference dedicated to the inauguration of the cooperation on the educational plane established between the the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw and Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Centre for the Arts in Białystok. 

The subject of the meeting with the journalists will be, bearing the patronage of Board of Education in Białystok, a project „We were, we are, we will be” — interactive educational classes dedicated to life and the Holocaust of Jews of Białystok in World War II.

The undertaking is intended for students of elementary, junior high and high schools and is part of the educational offer of the institution for the season of 2013/2014.

The educational project carried out by OiFP-ECS uses the latest radio drama of Polskie Radio Białystok titled „We are still people” based on a play by Marta Sokołowska, directed by Dariusz Szada Borzyszkowski. In addition, the interactive educational classes use archival materials from the collections of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute (and among them also unique materials from the exhibition „...I bury and plant manuscripts.” Memory of the World. The Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto organized by the Jewish Historical Institute and exhibited in the headquarters of OiFP-ECS from 16th August to 31st December, 2013 as part of the events commemorating the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Białystok Ghetto Uprising).

It shall be emphasized that the project „We were, we are, we will be” refers to the principles of a resolution passed by the UN, appealing to the member states to prepare educational programs sensitizing young generations to the Holocaust, preserving the memory of it and preventing genocide in the future.

The conference will be participated by Prof Paweł Śpiewak, Director of the Jewish Historical Institute and educators of our institution, being also the authors of the project: Małgorzata Rusiłowiczoraz, Joanna Sitek. The meeting will be also attended by: Władysław Prochowicz, Chairperson of the Board of Radio Białystok and Dariusz Szada-Borzyszkowski.

The conference will take place on 24th January at 12pm in Small Room of Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Centre for the Arts in Białystok.

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