Polish premiere of a comic book „We won’t see Auschwitz” — with the author Jérémie Dres

Meeting and discussion.

Wide komiks srodek page 060
Jérémie Dres in the Jewish Genealogy Department of ŻIH

Jérémie Dres describes his trip to Poland, which he went on with his brother in 2010 in search of his Jewish roots. The author wanders around the streets of Warsaw, Kraków and Żelechów (where his grandmother was from), convinced that after the Holocaust there are no more Jews in Poland... About the confrontation of the author’s idea of Poland and the Polish with the real image of the country and reviving Jewish life there will talk, among others, Jan Śpiewak — one of the real characters presented in the book, involved in the Jewish cultural and social life, and Helise Lieberman — director of Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland Foundation.

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