Book promotion: Marcin Szczygielski „Ark of Time”

Meeting concerning Marcin Szczygielski’s book — „Ark of Time, that is the great escape of Rafał from once through then to now and back”

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Professor Barbara Engelking wrote in her review: „I have to admit that I am rather sceptical towards books for children on the Holocaust, but I was positively surprised by this one. It is extremely plausible, well written and moving.” Agata Passent and Prof Andrzej Żbikowski will talk with the author of the book.

„Ark of Time” is a story of nine-year-old Rafał, who lives with his grandfather in Quarter, which is a code name for the Warsaw Ghetto. The boy traverses the streets of the ghetto to get to the library. However, the most dramatic trip for Rafał will be the one he goes on with his nanny when they leave the ghetto walls...

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