„Nikt zaklina nasz proch” — evening of Paul Celan’s poetry

The meeting will concern a long-expected Celan’s volume of verse entitled „Psalm and other poems.”

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Paul Celan — one of the most important contemporary poets; he is considered to be a peculiar symbol of the Holocaust era, and his work is treated as an indisputable proof that poetry after Auschwitz is possible. No doubt that among people who read Celan were the most important philosophers of the 20th century: Martin Heidegger, Hans-Georg Gadamer and Jacques Derrida. „Psalm and other poems” is a long-expected, lengthy volume of verse of Paul Celan, which were selected and masterly translated by Ryszard Krynicki, with whom Joanna Roszak and Bogusław Deptuła will talk during the meeting.

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