Supranational diaspora group. Postwar Jewish immigrants from Poland, their community values and narratives of Poland

Study seminar.

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Post-war emigrations resulted in Polish Jews finding new places to live in different parts of the world. After more than twenty years since their departure, the Jewish emigrants took steps towards finding people with whom, as they said, they were „most united by the common past.” The non-existent world reconstructed by their memories „came to life” only in the circle of the community of memory determined by its members. This unofficial group created by them is cyclically formed as a community. Commemorative ceremonies (conventions and meetings), co-organized by the members of the supranational diaspora group primarily refer to the post-war time spent in TSKŻ (Social-Cultural Society of Jews in Poland) clubs, at summer camps organized by TSKŻ, at state schools where the Jewish language was taught and in Jewish homes. Community values, around which the members of the community of memory unite, and narratives of former homeland become crucial elements integrating the community. Thanks to them, this unofficial group, existing on a daily basis in a virtual world, is cyclically formed as a community.

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