Is art possible after the Holocaust?

Elżbieta Janicka will give answer to the question whether art is possible after the Holocaust.

Wide full hd xawery dunikowski  bo e narodzenie w o wi cimiu w 1944r.

Elżbieta Janicka, one of the authors presenting their works at the exhibition „Polish Art and the Holocaust” will give answer to the question whether art is possible after the Holocaust. She follows the reflection of Theodor Adorno, asks about the language which can be used to talk about the Holocaust, points out the danger of aestheticization of the Holocaust and appropriation of the voices of the victims. She herself is looking for the proper language. According to the artist, we cannot allow ourselves to remain silent, because it may turn into leaving things unsaid. In her opinion, the best solution is analytical-critical art: a basic tool used for reflection. However, Elżbieta Janicka emphasises that it is only the beginning. 

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