Tuwim — The Chairperson of the Society of Friends of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

In 1948, Julian Tuwim assumed the responsibility of the Chairperson of the Society of Friends of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which had reactivated in Poland after the war.

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"In all likelihood,” writes Chone Shmeruk. „Before 1939 Tuwim would not have be interested either in the Hebrew University, or — especially — in the activities of the then Society of its friends in Warsaw. When the Society resumed its activity after the Holocaust, willingly, and even in gratitude, he assumed the responsibility of the Chairperson and carried it out until the liquidation, which took place in 1950 as a result of changing political attitudes among the countries of the whole Eastern bloc towards Israel. In his activity Tuwim was accompanied by a noble and eminent representative of the Polish intelligentsia, Professor Tadeusz Kotarbiński ".

The Archive of the Jewish Historical Institute stores materials that shed an interesting light on this little-known aspect of the biography of the poet. The materials include a correspondence between the Management of the Society of Friends of the Hebrew University in Poland and active-after-the-war organization The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee regarding provision of financial support to the Society. One letter is particularly valuable because it contains a draft of a proposal to form at the Hebrew University a department for research on the history of Jews in Poland.

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