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In 1936, in „Kultura” Zofia Kossak wrote: „[The Jews] are to us so terribly strange, strange and unpleasant, because they are of different race. We are irritated and offended by all their features, Eastern quick temper, quarrelsomeness, a specific type of mind, the frame of their eyes, the shape of their ears, squinting of their eyes, line of their lips, everything. "

The words of the author, so relevant to the subject of the latest exhibition at the Jewish Historical Institute entitled „Alien and unpleasant.” Anti-Semitic drawings from the Polish press 1919–1939 " today sound to us like a remorse or a warning. Today we do not turn our eyes away from anti-Semitism.

We look it in the eyes, revealing the language and iconography of hatred. The subject of anti-Semitism, so delicate and evoking extreme emotions, appears in the media which are writing about our exhibition. We invite you to have a look at selected publications. The media that are writing about us include: „Newsweek”, „Newsweek Historia”, „Gazeta Wyborcza”, historical magazine

„Mówią Wieki”, internet portals,,,, as well as information agencies Polska Agencja Prasowa and Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna. Information about the exhibition has also been published on the websites of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

And those of you who have not seen the exhibition yet, we encourage to see for yourselves what the „demons of hatred and fear” look like as presented by the illustrators publishing their works in the Polish inter-war press.

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