Uprising in Sobibor through the eyes of the participants

Slide show and discussion will be led by dr Marek Bem.

Wide zrzut ekranu 2013 10 1 o 4.14.45 pm
fot: Bmalina/ Wikimedia Commons / lic. CC-BY-SA 3.0

Slide show and discussion will be led by dr Marek Bem, for many years the director of the Museum of the Former Sobibór Nazi Death Camp. His latest, just published book „Powstanie w Sobiborze” [The Sobibor Uprising] will be available for purchase after the meeting.

The direct impetus for the meeting is the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising in the extermination camp in Sobibor. The narrative centre of the meeting will be a documentary „Z królestwa śmierci” [From the death kingdom] directed by Urszula Hasiec and Grzegorz Michalec as well as three short films featuring former prisoners of Sobibor, including the leader of the uprising, Aleksander Peczerski.

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