JHI recommends: Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress

Eastern Partnership Culture Congress (EPCC)

Wide zrzut ekranu 2013 09 12 o 4.29.13 pm

About the Congress

Eastern Partnership Culture Congress (EPCC), organized in Lublin in 2011, led to the expression of real cultural needs of the Eastern Partnership countries. Artists, cultural managers and organizers, representatives of ministries, local governments, NGOs and academia and the media of the countries of the Eastern Partnership, the European Union, as well as from Russia and other European countries (including 17 countries) called for the creation of a common European cultural space, incorporating the Eastern Partnership countries and respecting their diversity in legal, social and economic areas. Among the recommendations of EPCC there were proposals to create professional educational programs and financial mechanisms for artists in Eastern Partnership countries, facilitating cultural cooperation and mobility of artists and cultural managers between the EP and the EU. The main objective of the work after the Congress was to build Networks for Cultural Cooperation of the Eastern Partnership.

In 2012, Lublin organized Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress (EEIC), a meeting of representatives of local governments, central government, NGOs, social and educational institutions. The aim of EEIC was to inspire effective and sustainable transnational cooperation, strengthen development cooperation, integrate circles, stimulating dialogue between local and regional authorities. Recommendations in the four program areas: „good governance”, „civil society”, „culture without borders”, „education / training” have been communicated to all key decision-makers and diplomats dealing with issues of cooperation between the EU and its eastern neighbors.

Between 1–6 October 2013 during the Second Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress we will combine both of these initiatives, making Lublin a place of dialogue of cultural and educational circles, local and state governments and artists and decision-makers. 2013 EPCC program will include as many as nine sections, including brand new ones such as „tourism”, „social innovations”, „social responsibility of business”, „heritage” and „contexts”.

As part of this year’s Congress, we also offer a special program — „Culture for Eastern Partnership”. We consider culture to be a particularly important determinant of social and economic development, building dialogue across borders and opening new opportunities to fulfill your ambitions from supranational perspective, in particular — from European perspective. Congress debates will be accompanied by Festival „Integrations-Mediations”, showing the diversity of contemporary cultures of the Eastern Partnership countries. The cultural program of the Congress is co-sponsored by: the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During 2013 EEIC II we will find out who the winners of the second edition of the contest for the best cross-border projects are. Projects awarded in last year’s competition are already for many people and public institutions benchmarks of how to work creatively and innovatively socially in Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress, with accompanying it events is carried out in connection with the think-tank activities of The Centre for Eastern Competence, which was appointed by the President of Lublin, Marshal of Lublin Voivodeship and the Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Poland. Mutual support of the partners in organizing the Congress is an additional guarantee that this event will be a successful venture of trans-European importance, contributing to building lasting relationships and being an important project implementing the strategy of the European Neighborhood Policy.

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