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Jewish History Quarterly” continues the tradition of „The Bulletin of the Jewish Historical Institute”.

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Since 2001, the Jewish Historical Institute has been publishing „Jewish History Quarterly”. The magazine continues the tradition of „The Bulletin of the Jewish Historical Institute”, which was created in 1949. At the beginning, „The Bulletin...” published short articles in Polish and Yiddish on the work of the Jewish Historical Institute and had informative style. Over time, it changed into a scientific publication, released only in Polish. „Jewish History Quarterly”, as the name suggests, publishes mainly articles on the history of the Jewish communities in Poland and Jews in other countries. The thematic scope of the magazine goes beyond narrowly understood history. It publishes articles on a Judaic subject matter in the field of literature, art history and the history of philosophy. The authors of the articles published in „The Quarterly” are mainly academics of the JHI and other research institutes in Poland and abroad. In the section „From the regional history” frequently appear texts written or edited by local history buffs studying the history of their village. The articles published in „The Quarterly” must be original, previously unpublished elsewhere, and their evaluation is made by the editorial board.

Today, despite small circulation, „The Quarterly” is one of the most important scientific journal. Its importance can be demonstrated by the fact that in 2011 it was included in the prestigious Master Journal List. The magazine does not only have Polish readers but is also popular abroad. Articles in English and German are also published in „The Quarterly”, and all the texts have their summary in English. The electronic version of the „Quarterly” is available on the platform CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library). On the website of the Jewish Historical Institute you can find full versions of selected articles.

The editorial board of „The Quarterly” consist of two JHI’s employees: dr hab. Jan Doktór, editor-in-chief since 1999, and managing editor mgr Michał Czajka. Former editors-in-chief were: Bernard Mark, Artur Eisenbach, Szymon Datner, Marian Fuks, Maurycy Horn, Jerzy Tomaszewski, Szymon Rudnicki, Daniel Grinberg and Alina Cała.

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