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Since recently, on the website of the Jewish Historical Institute, it has been possible to find „Overview of the foreign press.” It is a selection and outline madeby John Rochwerger, a long-term employee of the Jewish Historical Institute, of the most interesting articles published in foreign magazines. The overview consists of publications on Judaic subject matter in English, German, French, Yiddish and Russian. It is a helpful — for — researchers summary of articles in Polish. Selected articles talk about Polish Jews. „Overview of the foreign press” originally appeared in the Bulletin of the Jewish Historical Institute, and from 1974 to 2012, in „Jewish History Quarterly”. Wishing to present the overview to a wider audience, the Jewish Historical Institute decided to put it on the Internet.

From the first quarter of 2013, on website of the Jewish Historical Institute, we can find outlines of articles from the following magazines : „KZ Mauthausen Gedenk. Forschung — Dokumentation — Information „,” Holocaust and Genocide Studies „,” Commentary „,” Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte „,” Yad Vashem Magazine „and” Historia”.

However, from the second quarter of 2013 we present outlines of articles from the following journals: „Dow Mitteilungen”, „Gedenkdienst”, „Gedenk Rundbrief”, „Holocaust Studies”, „Hołokost and suczasnist” JBM Journal „,” The Jewish Bible Quarterly „,” Jewish History „,” Vierteljahrshefte Zeit für Geschichte „,” ZichronNote „. 

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