JHI recommends: A lecture about Muranów in Ośrodek Nowolipie

Meeting and discussion.

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Muranów is a special place on the city map of Warsaw. The streets and buildings of this quarter witnessed the best years of flourishing Jewish culture, but also the dramatic events of the Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto. The lecture and slide show will be prepared by educator of the Jewish Historical Institute: Olga Głowacka.

The unique atmosphere of Nowolipie Street and the whole Jewish quarter in Warsaw is recalled by the resident of one of its buildings: writer Józef Hen in his book „Nowolipie”. In particular, he remembers the time of the Shavuot holiday (Feast of Booths), during which for eight days, the whole backyard of the building was filled with Sukkahs: They stood so close to each other that it was possible to squeeze in only through a narrow corridor. (...) There were, of course, better and worse Sukkahs. They were thrown together with dense rough-hewn planks with nails, without floors. Tailors and shoemakers, the poor would sit there. They ate and loudly sang zmires, or holiday songs. But there were more elaborate booths. In our building the most beautiful one belonged to Mr. Kohn: a bearded, pious rich man from the first floor from the front. 

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