Visiting the Jewish Historical Institute as part of Singer’s Warsaw Festival

We wish to invite you to a tour round the exhibitions: „Polish Art and the Holocaust” and „Rabbi, Rav, Rebbe. Rabbis in Poland”.

Wide zrzut ekranu 2013 08 26 o 2.51.10 pm

10th Anniversary Edition of the Jewish Culture Festival: Singer’s Warsaw 2013

Already for the 10th time, from 24th August to 1st September, in Warsaw will take place the Jewish Culture Festival. The honorary guest of the 10th edition of the Festival will be the son of Isaac Bashevis Singer: Izrael Zamir. Apart from musical and theatrical attractions, almost 200 cultural events are planned: exhibitions, lectures, workshops for children and adults, literary meetings, film screenings and others. One of them will be the opportunity to visit the building of the Jewish Historical Institute.

We invite you to listen to the information about the history of the Institute. You will be able to learn which institutions were perviously held in the building. Aleksandra Bańkowska, member of the staff of the JHI’s Archives, will also talk about our patron Emanuel Ringelblum, Oneg Shabbat and the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto. Next, members of the staff of the Arts Department will give you a tour around the exhibitions: „Polish Art and the Holocaust” and „Rabbis in Poland”.

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