The 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising in the Extermination Camp in Treblinka


Wide 1 treblinka


11:00 — meeting the participants at the symbolic gate to the Extermination Camp

11:30 — speeches given by invited guests and a prayer said for the Victims in front of the central monument in the Extermination Camp

12:15 — laying of the cornerstone of the Holocaust Educational Center in Treblinka

12:30 — greeting the guests at the conference room by Director Andrzej Matuszewicz, the opening of the exhibition of the works by Samuel Willenberg, a prisoner and a participant in the uprising in the Extermination Camp

13:30 — presentation of the concept for the Holocaust Educational Center by Orit Willenberg-Giladi

13:45 — screening of the video „I was in Treblinka” directed by Wladyslaw Jurkow

14:00 — promotion of the book „What do we know about Treblinka? The state of research.” Guided tour around the museum’s collection by the manager of MWiM Dr. Edward Kopówka

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