An educational seminar for teachers of humanities in junior high and secondary schools.

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As every year, the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute, invites teachers of humanities in junior high and secondary schools to participate in JHI’s Summer Academy devoted to the history and culture of Polish Jews. This year’s Academy in a particular way will be devoted to the matter of Resistance and the Holocaust in connection with the 70th anniversary of Jewish uprisings.

JHI’s Summer Academy will take place from 30th July to 3rd August 2013.

On 2nd August, on the 70th anniversary of the revolt in the extermination camp, a trip to Treblinka will be organized, where a discussion panel on Polish-Jewish relations, including great experts on the topic, will be held.

Experienced guides will take you on a tour around the exhibitions and the Jewish cemetery. The Academy will finish with a joint participation in a Shabbat service at the synagogue.

We are waiting for applications until 10th July, 2013. Places are limited. The training is targeted primarily at teachers who did not participate in previous editions of JHI’s Summer Academy.

Aplication form

You will receive information regarding acceptance for the training not later than 12th July, 2013.

The classes will be held at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw on 3/5 Tłomackie Street.

Costs of lectures, educational materials, lunches and joint journeys are covered by the organizer.

JHI does not reimburse participants’s costs of travel and does not provide accommodation.

Contact details: Ursula Fuks, Tel: (22) 827–92–21 ext. 109, e-mail: ufuks@jhi.pl

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