May their souls be bound up in the bond of life

More than eight hundred participants gathered to join yesterday’s March of Remembrance.

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More than eight hundred participants gathered to join yesterday’s March of Remembrance, through which on the eve of the 71st anniversary of the deportation to Treblinka we wanted to pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust. Among those gathered at the the Umschlagsplatz monument were: Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich, Vice-president of Warsaw Vladimir Paszyński, President of the Jewish Community of Warsaw, Piotr Kadlcik, Rev. dr Peter Odziemczyk representing the Archbishop Kazimierz Nycz and Ombudsman for Children Marek Michalak. The gathered in Stawki Street were welcomed by the director of the Jewish Historical Institute: Professor Paweł Śpiewak, and Slawomir Holland read the Second Chapter of the Book of Lamentations. Then Maniucha Bikont accompanied by Raphael Rogiński performed the songEjli Lama Azawtani.

In this year’s March we brought back the memory of one of the thousands of the victims of the German terror, Marysia Ajzensztadt. Recalling still unclear circumstances of her death, we tried to present the stories of ten other people who in dramatic circumstances parted with their loved ones. The participants of the March tied their selected stories with the gold Ribbons of Remembrance.

During the March we walked through the streets which used to constitute the center of pre-war Jewish Quarter, and during the occupation were included in the ghetto: Stawki, Dubois, Zamenhofa, Anielewicza, Świętojerska, Bohaterów Getta, Długa, Bielańska and Corazziego. We ended the March of Remembrance in Tłomackie street, where on 16th May, 1943 the Great Synagogue was standing. At the end of the March we listened to the monodrama Josel Rakower speaks to God interpreted by Slawomir Holland.

Director of the Jewish Historical Institute invited everyone to the next year’s March of Remembrance, which will be dedicated in a special way to Emanuel Ringelblum, creator of the Warsaw Ghetto Underground Archives and founder of Oneg Shabbat.

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