Let’s meet at the March of Remembrance

Zaproszenie na marsz

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prof. Paweł Śpiewak

Our March of Remembrance will begin tomorrow at 17:00 at the Umschlagplatz. We hope that, like last year, with us will be a few thousand Varsovians, visitors, all those for whom it is important to pay tribute to all of the victims of the Holocaust carried out on Polish soils during the Second World War. This year we will walk through the following streets: Stawki (the Umschlagplatz monument), Stanisława Dubois, Ludwika Zamenhofa, Mordechaja Anielewicza, Świętojerska, Ogród Krasińskich, Bohaterów Getta, Długa, Bielańska, Antoniego Corazziego, Tłomackie.


The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute

Partners of the March

Jewish Community in Warsaw

Center for Holocaust Research IFiS PAN

Stowarzyszenie Drugie Pokolenie — Potomkowie Ocalałych z Holokaustu (Second Generation Association: Descendants of the Holocaust Survivors) 

Jewish Youth Organization

Districts: Śródmieście and Wola

Media Patronage

Polskie Radio, Gazeta Wyborcza, TVP Kultura, Mówią Wieki 

The Honorary Patronage over the March of Remembrance has been assumed by the President of Warsaw

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