About Anielewicz’s Mound talks Mr Jan Jagielski

We invite you to watch a short film about Anielewicz’s Mound.

Wide 1280px mila 18 memorial in warsaw
Kopiec Anielewicza

We invite you to watch a short film about Anielewicz’s Mound, which was one of the most important places of Jewish Warsaw, which we will be passing by during this year’s March of Remembrance. About the history of the Staff of the Jewish Fighting Organization talks Mr Jan Jagielski.

ZOB’s headquarters was located at 29 Miła Street. When the hiding place was discovered during the uprising, it was moved to the shelter at 18 Miła Street. Probably as a result of betrayal, on 8th May, also this place was discovered. German troops along with Ukrainian auxiliary troops surrounded the bunker. In dramatic circumstances, the Jewish fighters committed mass suicide.

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