Jakub Poznański

Yesterday a rumor spread that the wife of the president of the court found her husband in flagranti with his secretary.

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Yesterday a rumor spread that the wife of the president of the court found her husband in flagranti with his secretary and ran to complain to the Chairman [Chaim Rumkowski]. Here it must be said that almost all of our officials, with a few exceptions (and usually exceptions confirm the rule) have a mistress. In the ghetto, there is even a saying that a manager should have three attributes: have high boots, can play cards and have a mistress. And almost everyone”obeys” this rule, regardless of age. Unfortunately, the example comes from the top.

Jakub Poznański, 7th of July, 1943, Łódź.

 Poznański, „Diary from the Łodź ghetto”, Warszawa 2002.

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