Renia Knoll

Within half a year died: Jurek, age 16, Aunt Pola, age 42 and Uncle Azek, age 50.

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Within half a year died: Jurek, age 16, Aunt Pola, age 42 and Uncle Azek, age 50. When Jurek died in the concentration camp in Oświęcim, we thought we were going to go crazy with despair. When, poisoned with grief over Jurek, his Mother Aunt Pola died, we despaired less and when Uncle died, it did not make such an impression on us. We just got used to... death.

[...] I’m going today to Ewusia Kołogórska concert. You are shocked, my diary, aren’t you? But Mom says that nothing will help Uncle and it is so sad in here, so when I have a chance to go to a concert I shouldn’t worry but go.

Renia Knoll, age 14, 6th of July 1941, Cracow.


Knoll, “The Diary”, Warsaw 2012; diary from JHI’s collections.

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