Author unknown

Already yesterday in the afternoon, news spread that the Germans ordered to dig a grave at the Jew[ish] cemetery that could fit 200 people.

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1942 Already yesterday in the afternoon, news spread among the Jew[ish] population that the Germans ordered to dig a grave at the Jew[ish] cemetery that could fit 200 people. There was, because of this, an understandable agitation, as people had already been sensing a slaughter on a large scale. This morning I heard the first news on the subject. A friend of mine, Mrs. B., went yesterday to the cemetery to the funeral, and with her own eyes could see that at the end of the cemetery, on the former Skra’s pitch, the workers were digging the grave.

The name of the author unknown, 5th of July, 1942, Warsaw.

“The diary” in : “The Ringelblum Archive” vol. 5, ed. K. Person, Warsaw, 2011, pp. 81–84; diary from JHI’s collections

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