Chaim Kapłan’s Diary

The money that we receive from America are of more benefit for the occupant than us.

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1940, The money that we receive from America are of more benefit for the occupant than us. For a dollar, whose market price is 150 zł, we get according to the official rate only 4.80 zł. [...]

As you know, the Jews were allowed to have in the house not more than 2000 zł. The surplus had to be paid into the bank to the blocked account. It was known that the money would be lost forever. Therefore, the people gave the cash to Joint — no receipts, believing that this institution would one day return the money at the proper rate. By giving the goods to Joint, Jewish merchants were aware of the fact that they were saving them from confiscation and pillaging by the occupant. [...] at the same time they accepted the possibility that the goods might be lost, but they preferred their neighbor to benefit from it and not the occupant.

Chaim Kapłan, Warsaw.

Ch. Kapłan, „Księga życia”, cz. 2, Biuletyn ŻIH, nr 2 1964.

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