Adam Czerniakow’s Diary

At 8 in the morning with Lejkin at Auerswald’s. I filed a written request to release 10 officers of the Jewish Police (capital punishments).

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1942, at 8 in the morning with Lejkin at Auerswald’s. I filed a written request to release 10 officers of the Jewish Police (capital punishments). Auserwald said he would give the request to the German police.

I said that 3 of them were stopped in the street as hostages for 3 others, who had been summoned but fleed. Apart from that, the list includes those who had nothing to do with the smuggling. A. ordered to put off the printing of his poster about the execution of 100 prisoners and 10 officers informing about the change in its content.

In the afternoon, he went to the prison with Galuba. After dinner, he announced that I was wrong, because the police had proved to him that all of the arrested officers were guilty. He told First to call him tomorrow at 7.30 regarding the printing of the poster if necessary. I guess that the execution will take place tonight or tomorrow in the morning.

Adam Czerniakow, the chairman of Judenrat in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1st July, 1942, Warsaw.

 “Adam Czerniakow’s diary of the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw 1983 „Adama Czerniakowa dziennik getta warszawskiego”, Warszawa 1983 

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