Adam Czerniaków’s Diary

A[uerswald] ordered me to come at 4:45 to give me a poster to be printed.

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A[uerswald] ordered me to come at 4:45 to give me a poster to be printed. When I arrived, he handed me the poster which said that 100 Jews and 10 Jewish policemen would be executed because they violently opposed the ordinance of German policemen. Towards evening, I called him and said that, apart from the rest, 10 policemen did not bear any guilt. A few of them, had been taken from the streets.

Meanwhile, I headed to A [uerswald] First and Lejkin who at 10.30 returned to me and said that A [uerswald] was inviting me over the next day at 8 am concerning the execution. Maybe we can accomplish something! Meanwhile, the yard is black. The whole district is filled with panic.

30th of June 1942

Adam Czerniakow, the chairman of Judenrat in the Warsaw Ghetto.

“Adam Czerniakow’s diary of the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw 1982.

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