Emanuel Ringelblum

There was a proposal to implement in the General Government yellow patches instead of bands.

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There was a proposal to implement in the General Government yellow patches instead of bands. In an interview with representatives of [German] officials, Czerniaków discouraged them on economic grounds. You would have to use too much wool to do it.

Hunger has become a very common disease today. In Lodz, the great physician from Prague has invented a good remedy for starvation edema. The medicament is simple — potatoes. But where to get them, since kilogram of potatoes costs — it’s cheap! — 4zl.


Emanuel Ringelblum, 29th June 1942, Warsaw.


E. Ringelblum, “Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto”, Warsaw, 1988; diary from JHI’s collections, Ringelblum Archives; Translated from Yiddish by A. Rutkowski.

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