Chaim Kapłan

I will not exaggerate if I say that as a Jew, I don’t even have rights of a stray dog.

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I will not exaggerate if I say that as a Jew, I don’t even have rights of a stray dog. When I’m going home from the city center and I’m not harmed on the way, and nothing bad happens to me, I consider it a miracle. In case of accident, Emergency Medical Service can’t provide the first aid for me. The outpatients’ departments of all the hospitals are not available for the Jews. They cannot exercise their rights to Social Insurance. They cannot trade, do crafts, and generally any paid work. They cannot even use railway.

Chaim Kapłan, 27th June 1940, Warsaw


Ch. Kapłan, “The Chronicle of Life”, part 2, JHI’s Bulletin no. 2, 1964; diary from JHI’s collections; translated from Hebrew by A. Rutkowski and A. Wein.

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