Jechiel Górny

To this day, they had extended the deadline for the Jews to leave the Muranow area.

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To this day, they had extended the deadline for the Jews to leave the Muranow area. It looked terrible. The square was littered with old, broken junk. People with small packages of bedding (all their belongings) were running aimlessly, not having yet a place where they could find shelter. Meanwhile, a number of „labor battalions” were entertaining themselves by cutting off the beards of the Jews. This terrible image will always remain in the Jewish hearts.

Jechiel Górny, 24th June 1942, Warsaw

“The Ringelblum’s Archives. Day after the day of the Holocaust ”, ed. M. Markowska, Warsaw 2011; a diary from JHI’s collection; Translated from Yiddish by Sara Arm.

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