Daniel Fligelman

Today around noon, some passing by Jew was shot dead in Biała Street

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Today around noon, some passing by Jew was shot dead in Biała Street (at its end leading to Sola Street). It took place in the following circumstances: a military policeman on duty on the Aryan side stopped the Jew and having pointed at him a barrel of a rifle, he had a discussion with him on a subject that is unknown, because the onlookers on the opposite side of the street behind [x] fences couldn’t hear anything. At one point, the military policeman became bored with this conversation and shot his interlocutor dead on the spot.


Daniel Fligelman, 20th June, 1942, Warsaw


Fligelman, “The Diary” in: “The Ringelblum’s Archives”, vol. 5, ed. K. Person, Warsaw, 2011; diary from JHI’s collections


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