We are prolonging the duration of the exhibition about the Rabbis

The exhibition “ Rav, Rabbi, Rebbe. Rabbis in Poland”.

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Kuratorka wystawyTeresa Śmiechowska

I have my two favorite parables about rabbis. The first one: someone asked a prominent rabbi, whose time was precious, why he went to visit a tzaddik, toiling for days in order to visit the master during the Sabbath. In reply to this question the rabbi said briefly: „to stand next to him and watch him tying up his shoelaces.”And the second one: words of other famous rabbi,” If I thought that I would remain only who I am, I would commit a suicide. However, if I didn’t have hope that I could be someone like Gaon from Vilnius, I wouldn’t be even who I am now”

The exhibition “ Rav, Rabbi, Rebbe. Rabbis in Poland” points out that the teachers of the Torah, Talmud and Halakha from different streams of Judaism in Poland: orthodox, conservative, reformed, or associated with Hasidic tradition, had a special prestige in Poland and abroad.

On the exhibition, we are presenting, from the collections of the Jewish Historical Institute, religious objects, paintings, old prints and photographs of rabbis. There are passport portraits, single portraits, of married couples or with families of those who survived the Holocaust thanks to the fact that they emigrated to Palestine between 1936 and 1939. You can get to know the iconography of the rabbis, observe the changes, and what remained constant. The dominant at the exhibition images of rabbis refer to the depth of their spiritual heritage, which for centuries had co-created religious and cultural character of Poland and therefore, regardless of age, everyone should see the exhibition.

The exhibition, opened a few months ago, is still very popular, so we decided to extend it until the end of September 2013. All interested in the cultural heritage and the arts are invited to use the opportunity and see the exhibition.

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