The Jewish Quarter is again being reduced...

The Jewish Quarter is again being reduced by a number of houses.

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The Jewish Quarter is again being reduced by a number of houses. [...] Residents of these houses received orders to leave the apartments immediately. There was an understandable confusion, people began frantically searching for apartments. [...] For many of the current displaced people, the forced change of apartments is not anything new. For example, for my friend Mr. Ch it’s the seventh time during the present war that he is changing the apartment. There are many of those who are doing it now for the third or fourth time. The current resettlement is only different from the past ones because it touches more impoverished and emaciated people than before. It will make the ghetto even more cramped, and what comes with it — it will increase the amount of dirt and diseases. Finally, it must be executed immediately, in a great hurry, and thus in confusion and disarray. [...]


Yesterday, Gypsies came to the ghetto. I don’t know exactly how many of them there are, but apparently more than 2 thousand. They wear white armbands with a red letter Z. For now, they have been placed in 5 Pokorna Street. I’ve heard a rumor that they are supposed to take Wołczyńska Street, which the Germans are going to empty from the Jews. Today, the Gypsies appeared on the ghetto streets and caused sensation.


The name of the author unknown, 17th June 1942, Warsaw


Anonymous, “The Diary” in: “The Ringelblum’s Archives”, vol. 5. ed. K. Person, Warsaw, 2011, pp. 81–84; diary from JHI’s collections


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